Additional Agreement No. 2 to Agreement Between OAO Rostelecom and OAO Uralsvyazinform No. 752-05-23 Dated January 01, 2006

Exhibit 4.28.2

AdditionalAgreement No. 2

toAgreement between OAO Rostelecom and OAO Uralsvyazinform  No. 752-05-23 dated January 01,2006



January 01, 2006


Rostelecom, Open Joint-Stock Company for Long-Distance and InternationalTelecommunications, hereinafter, “Rostelecom”, represented by OAO RostelecomGeneral Director Dmitry Yevgenievich Yerokhin, authorized to act by Charter, onthe one part, and “Uralsvyazinform”, an Open Joint-Stock Company, hereinafterreferred to as the “Operator”, represented by General Director AnatolyYakovlevich Ufimkin, authorized to act by Charter, on the other parthereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”, and severally, as“Party”, have entered into this Additional Agreement (hereinafter, “theAgreement”) on the incorporation of the below-listed amendments in theAgreement No. 752-05-23 entered into by the Parties on January 01,2006 (hereinafter, “the Agreement”), as follows:

1.                             UnderParagraph 1.6. of the Contract, the Operator shall provide Rostelecom with theList of Telecommunication Operators whose telecommunication network isconnected to the Operator’s network at the local or zone level, who is not theAssociated Operator, settlements with whom for telecommunication servicesrendered by Rostelecom shall be made by the Operator pursuant terms andconditions of this Contract, will be provided in a separate AdditionalAgreement which shall be entered into by the Parties after or concurrently withthis Contract’s coming into force:

List of operators

2.                             ThisAgreement is an inseparable part of the Contract.

3.                             Allterms used in this Agreement have a meaning, fixed for them in the Contract.

4.                             Allthe rest, not indicated in this Agreement, is subject to the provisions of theContract.

5.                             Theagreement is issued in the Russian language in two copies, one for  each Party.

6.                             ThisAgreement shall come into force from the date hereof. The Parties herebyestablish that terms and conditions of the Agreement entered into thereby shallapply to their relations arisen from the date of the Contract onTelecommunications Network Connection dated January 01, 2006.

7.                             Detailsand Signatures of the Parties

OAO Rostelecom:


OAO Uralsvyazinform:




Legal address: 127091, Moscow,


Legal address: 620014,

Delegatskaya st., 5


Yekaterinburg, Moskovskaya st., 11




General Director


General Director







/signed/ D.Ye. Yerokhin


/signed/ A. Ya. Ufimkin




January 01, 2006


January 01, 2006




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