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to Agreement
No. 34-06-03 dt. February 22,2006


on long-distanceand international telecommunications

The City






Rostelecom, Open Joint-Stock Company for Long-Distanceand International Telecommunications (License for provision of long-distanceand international telecommunications No. 29777 dated             ), represented by                                  “                                 ”,acting on behalf of and commissioned by  OAORostelecom on the grounds of the agreement concluded between                                  ,and OAO Rostelecom, No.                    dated                    hereinafter referred to as “Rostelecom”, represented by                                                                                                                   ,authorized to act by Power of Attorney dated                    No.                    ,on the one part, and                                                                                               ,hereinafter referred to as the “User”, represented by                                                                                                                                   ,                   authorized to act by                                                                             ,on the other part, as follows:


1.1.                    “Agreement” shallmean this Agreement for long-distance and international telecommunications,with all Appendices and Additional Agreements hereto.

1.2.                    “Billing period”means the calendar month starting immediately after the month whenTelecommunication Services were rendered to Users.

1.3.                    “Parties” shall meanRostelecom and the User. Rostelecom and the User can be separately referred toas “Party”

1.4.                    “Tariff” is theService unit cost charged to the User.

1.5.                    “Telecommunications”means long-distance and international Telecommunication Services rendered byRostelecom to the User using automatic service system or with the help of atelephonist.

1.6.                    “User Equipment”shall mean user (terminal) equipment installed at:                                                                             .

Type of User Equipment:telephone set, fax machine, data set (underscore whateverapplicable).

User Equipment usedindividually or collectively (underscore whateverapplicable).

Subscriber number(additional subscriber number):                                                                            .

1.7.                    “Agent” shall mean                                                                             .

1.8.                    “Regulations” shall mean Local, Intrazonal,Long-Distance and International Telecommunication Services renderingRegulations, approved by Resolution of the Russian Government No. 310 dt.


Rostelecom herewith undertakesto render Telecommunications to the User, whereas the User undertakes to effectpayments for such Telecommunications on the terms and conditions and in themanner herein stated.


3.1.                    On entering into this Agreement, the User shallbe entitled to receive Telecommunication Services, whereas Rostelecom shallrender such services to the User, provided this is technically practicable, andprovided the User has access to long-distance and international telephonecommunication networks.

3.2.                    To receive the Telecommunications via theautomated service system, the User shall perform the following course ofaction: dial “8” from the User Equipment; dial Rostelecom’s telephone networkselection code (if and when introduced); dial call party’s numbering area code;dial call party’s subscriber number.

3.3.                    To receive the Telecommunications via the operator, the User shallperform the following course of action: dial number whereby access is obtainedto long-distance and international telecommunications provided by OAORostelecom via operator, i.e. “07” and/or another access number which the Usercan obtain via “09” inquiry service; order long-distance or internationaltelephone call via the operator using instant or delayed ordering system, inaccordance with the Regulations.

3.4.                    The Telecommunications shall be deemed providedas from the moment when the telephone connection is established as the resultof the course of action described under Paragraph 3.2. or Paragraph 3.3. above.

3.5.                    The access to Telecommunication Services,rendered to the User from the User equipment, can be stopped at the initiativeof Rostelecom in cases, covered by para. 7.2 of the Agreement.

3.6.                    Where technical possibility for the renderingof the Telecommunication Services to the User is partially unavailable,Rostelecom may limit number of call orders and call duration or, where suchtechnical possibility for the rendering of the Telecommunication Services isnot available altogether, may deny rendering of the Telecommunication Services.

The User must be notified about the introduction oflimitations at the moment of order taking or in the moment of  rendering of telecommunications by orderservice system.

Incase of occurrence of long-term limitations of using telecommunications,Rostelecom must undertake measures in order to inform the User about it usingmass media, inquiry services, placing notices in places of collective use of telecommunicationsetc.

3.7.                    Giventechnical possibility and on condition that access to Telecommunications isavailable from User equipment, Rostelecom renders to the User a possibility touse Telecommunications 24 hours a day, if other is not indicated in RussianFederation law.

3.8.                    The User which is an individual herewith agreesthat effective from the moment of his/her entering into this Agreement, his/herpersonal details may be included in inquiry service databases and may be usedfor the provision of inquiry and other information services by Rostelecom orthird parties.


4.1                       Rostelecom undertakesto:

4.1.1              RenderTelecommunication Services to the User in accordance with the law of theRussian Federation, the Regulations, national standards, technical regulationsand standards, the license, and this Agreement (and in particular to rectify,within prescribed time periods, any failures which are attributable toRostelecom and which obstruct enjoyment of the Telecommunications by the User).

4.1.2.           Tonotify the User through mass media about changes in the conditions of servicerendering, methods of payment for Telecommunications, Tariffs in no less thanten days before the date when these changes are introduced

4.1.3.           Tofulfill other obligations of Rostelecom, covered by the law of RussianFederation and the Agreement.

4.2.                    The User undertakesto:

4.2.1.           Pay for theTelecommunication Services rendered to it within the time frames envisaged by,and subject to the terms and conditions of, this Agreement. (For Users which are local government-funded organizations: “The Usershall only make use of the Telecommunications within the allocated governmentfunding limit”).

4.2.2.           Perform other User’sobligations as provided for in the current law of the Russian Federation andthis Agreement.


5.1.                    Rostelecom shall havethe right to:

5.1.1.           Change,on a unilateral basis, the Tariffs, payment terms and conditions and timeframes pursuant to Paragraph 4.1.2 above.

5.1.2.           Initiatetemporary suspension of User’s access to the long-distance and internationaltelecommunications in circumstances referred to in Paragraph 7.2. of thisContract

5.2.                    The User shall havethe right to:


5.2.1.           Raiseobjections against bills issued to it, in the manner described in Article 8below.

5.2.2.           Torefuse to pay for Telecommunications, that was rendered to the User withouttheir concert. Telecommunications shall be deemed provided with User’s consentif the call is made from the User Equipment by means of the course of actionreferred to in Paragraphs 3.2. and 3.3. of this Agreement.


6.1.                    The User shall effect payments for theTelecommunications provided to it by Rostelecom hereunder exclusively to thebank account whereof details are stated in the Telecommunications bill. TheUser’s monetary obligations with respect to the Telecommunication Servicesprovided to it shall terminate as from the moment when the funds are creditedon the bank account specified in the bill issued to the User or else when cashis received at the Agent’s cash desk.

6.2.                    TheTelecommunications bills shall be issued by the Agent on behalf of Rostelecom.Each Telecommunications bill shall identify the amount stated therein aspayment for the Telecommunication Services rendered by Rostelecom.

6.3.                    Tariffs for international telecommunicationsare established and changed in accordance with the current law of Russian Federation. The User shall benotified of any such Tariffs  beingintroduced, in the manner described in Paragraph 4.1.2. above.

6.4.                    Tariffs for international telecommunicationsare established by Rostelecom and changes can be introduced to them at anytime. The User shall be notified of any such Tariffs  being introduced, in the manner described inParagraph 4.1.2. above.

6.5.                    The long-distance or international call tariffunit shall be established by Rostelecom and shall be one minute. The records ofduration of long-distance and international telecommunications are carried outin accordance with the tarification unit established by Rostelecom. Thetarification unit can be changed by Rostelecom unilaterally at any time.

6.6.                    The payment bill for Telecommunication Servicesin the month previous to the Billing period is made out to the User before the12-th day of the Billing period and indicates the total amount for eachtype of Services, there amount and cost. The grounds for making out the bill tothe User are the data, obtained with the help of the equipment, used forrecording the amount of Telecommunications. Payments for the Telecommunicationsshall be effected on a monthly basis, within 15 days after the date of the billfor the Telecommunications provided in the month immediately preceding theBilling Period.

6.7.                    The Telecommunication Services bills shall bedelivered to the User using delivery method designated by the User.

6.8.                    The User shall pay for the Telecommunicationsby a transfer of funds to the account specified in the Telecommunications bill,or in cash at any of the Agent’s payment collection offices. By the payment forthe Services in cash, the monetary obligations of the User for the Servicesrendered are discharged from the moment of payment at the Agent’s collectionoffice. Any cash payments may only be accepted from the User within limitsestablished by the law for legal entities.

6.9.                    The Agent shall inform the Users of its paymentcollection offices via mass media.


7.1.                    Rostelecom and the User bear responsibility fornon-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their responsibilities in theAgreement in accordance with the current law of Russian Federation, (includingthe Regulations) and the Agreement.

7.2.                    In case of delay payment or other Userviolations of the requirements, established by the Russian Federation Law “OnTelecommunications”, the Regulations and the Agreement, Rostelecom has a rightto unilaterally initiate a stoppage of rendering access toTelecommunications for a period until a complete debt repayment, or, correspondingly,until a complete settlement of other violations, committed by the User.

7.3.                    Incase of a failure to pay, or incomplete or late payment for theTelecommunication Services, Rostelecom may enforce penalty against the User at1% of the value of Telecommunication Services rendered in the month immediatelypreceding the Billing Period and which remain unpaid, or partially unpaid, orwhich were paid in an untimely manner, for each day of the delay until the dateon which the outstanding debt is finally settled, but not more that the amountoutstanding. The User shall pay such penalty to Rostelecom within 5 days afterthe claim for such penalty is made by Rostelecom.


8.1.                    If any disputes and disagreements arisehereunder, they shall be settled in the manner described in this Section 8.

8.2.                    In case of non-fulfillment or improperfulfillment of obligations to render Telecommunication Services by Rostelecomthe User before applying to court makes claims to Rostelecom. The claims of theUser are made and looked into on conditions and in terms covered by the currentlaw of Russian Federation. If a complaint lodged by the User is rejected infull or in part, or if no response is given to such a complaint within the timeframes prescribed by the Russian law for the review of such a complaint, theUser may initiate a court action at the Agent’s location.

8.3.                    If the User is in full or partial default onits obligation to pay for the Telecommunication Services, the Agent may, onbehalf of Rostelecom, initiate a court action against the User, selecting, atits sole discretion, either the User’s location or the location of Rostelecom(or of Rostelecom branch serving the zone where the User is resident(domiciled)), or the location of the Agent (or of Agent’s branch serving thezone where the User is resident (domiciled)), as the venue of such action.


9.1.                    The Parties are released from responsibilityfor non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations on the Agreement, if they prove, that properfulfillment was impossible due to force majeure, which means extreme,unforeseen and inevitable circumstances in given conditions. The presence offorce majeure in this case prolongs the term of fulfillment of  obligations by theParties, proportionally to the period of its activity. In case the action offorce majeure lasts  for more than sixmonths,  the Parties are obliged to, onthe proposal of one of the Parties, coordinate further conditions of  action and/or possibility of termination of the Agreement.

9.3.                    If the non-fulfillment of terms of servicerendering  was caused by circumstances offorce majeure, the Parties must coordinate a new term of Telecommunications rendering fulfillment.


10.1.              This Agreement may be terminated prior to itsstated expiration date in circumstances and in the manner provided for by thelaw of the Russian Federation.

10.2.              In case of termination of the Agreement theParties must conduct mutual exchanges on all obligations.

10.3.              Any amendments to this Agreement shall beexecuted as supplementary agreements hereto which shall be prepared in twocounterparts and shall be signed by the User (or its authorized representative)and Rostelecom (via its authorized representative).


11.1.              This Agreement shall take effect as from thedate it is signed by Rostelecom and the User and shall be deemed effective foran unlimited period of time.


12.1.              Rostelecom and the User admit that the presentagreement is obligatory for fulfillment for both Parties considering allconditions.

12.2.              All legal relations of the Parties, arising inconnection with rendering Telecommunication Services to the User by Rostelecom,which are not covered directly by the Agreement, are regulated by theRegulations and regulatory documents of RF

12.3.              The User is informed about and agrees to thecharacteristics of rendered Telecommunications, concerning their quality,safety and limitations

12.4.              The User is familiarized with the Regulationsand undertakes the obligation to observe them.

12.5.              This Agreement is prepared in two counterpartsof equal legal effect, one counterpart for each Party.

12.6.              As there exists an agreement between Rostelecomand the Agent whereby the Agent is authorized to bill the User for theTelecommunication Services provided, collect payments from the Users for theTelecommunication Services provided,  andto handle any complaints and court actions lodged by or against the User, theUser herewith agrees, respectively, to accept Telecommunication Services billsissued by the Agent, effect payments for Telecommunication Services to theAgent, reconcile mutual accounts with the Agent and submit to the Agent, in themanner prescribed herein, any complaints lodged against Rostelecom inconnection with Rostelecom’s failure to perform, or improper performance of,this Agreement.

12.7.              Addresses and method of bill delivery byAgent to the Subscriber:

Subscriber’s choice

Bill delivery method

Bill delivery address


National Post/third party services

Postal address



E-mail address


Direct collection by

Agent’s subscriber service facility,



Subscriber/Subscriber’s authorized

located at:






Site URL:                            



Access password:







User: (as a minimum, specify the following: subscriber



information (full name, date and place of birth, details of



identifying document, – for individuals; official (trade)



name — for legal entities);


Dt.                200  




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For the User:


For Rostelecom :











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OAO Rostelecom:



General Director


General Director

OAO Rostelecom


OAO Sibirtelecom:




/signed/ D.Ye. Yerokhin


/signed/ A.I. Nikulin

Dt. February 22, 2006


Dt. February 22, 2006

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