Consent of Ernst & Young LLP, Independent Registered Public Accounting FirmWe consent to the references to our firm under the captions “FinancialHighlights” in the Class A, Class B, Class C, Investor Class and Class Y sharesProspectuses and “Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings”, “Independent RegisteredPublic Accounting Firm” and “Financial Statements” in the Class A, Class B,Class C, Investor Class, and Class Y shares Statement of Additional Informationand to the incorporation by reference of our report, dated February 10, 2006, onthe financial statements and financial highlights of Pioneer Tax-Free IncomeFund included in the Annual Report to the Shareowners for the year endedDecember 31, 2005 as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission inPost-Effective Amendment Number 52 to the Registration Statement (Form N-1A, No.2-57653) of Pioneer Tax-Free Income Fund. /s/ ERNST & YOUNG LLPBoston, MassachusettsApril 24, 2006