Cancer Therapeutics, Inc. 210 West Hansell Street Thomasville, GA 31792 (229) 403-1282 July 5, 2004Sent Via First-Class MailMichael Low22121 Rosecrans Ave. Suite 2340El Segundo, CA 90245 Re: CTI- Offer to Join the Board of DirectorsDear Mr. Low: The purpose of this letter is to formally extend an offer to you to becomea member of the Board of Directors of Cancer Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI). As youcan understand, we are rather excited and optimistic about the future prospectsof CTI because of the strategic direction that has been charted by our currentmanagement team. You are an essential part of this team that we have beenassembling over the past few years to lead CTI into its next phase of growth. We believe that your considerable experience and industry contacts will bea superior benefit to the company. Accordingly, we propose that you undertakethe following commitment: 1. Fulfill the role as corporate secretary; 2. Assist CTI in developing a strategic plan to expand nationwide; 3. Assist with the overall development and mission of CTI; and 4. Become an active member of the board of directors.In exchange for your commitment above, we will provide to you the following: 1. Regular briefings on developments within CTI; and 2. Reimbursement of pre-approved expenses incurred on the company’s behalf, such as travel and lodging for meetings, etc. I look forward to discussing this matter with you further, as well asaddressing any specific questions you may have. Yours sincerely, /s/Robert K. Oldham _____________________ Robert K. Oldham CEOAgreed to and AcceptedThis 7th day of July 2004./s/Michael Low_________________________________Mr. Michael Low