EXHIBIT 10.3 LIFEPOINT HOSPITALS, INC. OUTSIDE DIRECTORS RESTRICTED STOCK AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between LifePointHospitals, Inc. (the “Company”) and __________ (the “Participant”), inconnection with an award of Restricted Stock under the LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.Outside Directors Stock and Incentive Compensation Plan (the “Plan”) that wasmade on ___________ (the “Date of Grant”). The Company established the Plan for the purpose of encouraging itsoutside directors to acquire the common stock of the Company. The Participant isa director of the Company and is not employed by the Company or one of itsSubsidiaries. In consideration of the foregoing, and the award of RestrictedStock on the Date of Grant, the parties have entered into this Agreement togovern the terms of the award: 1. Restricted Stock Award. Subject to the terms and conditions setforth in the Plan and herein, the Company has granted to the Participant anaward of Restricted Stock with respect to __________ shares of Common Stock,subject to adjustment as provided in Section 8 of the Plan. If the Participantceases to be a member of the Board prior to ________________, the shares ofCommon Stock subject to this Agreement shall be immediately forfeited to theCompany, unless Board membership terminates due to the death or Disability ofthe Participant. The shares covered by this award that have not been forfeitedunder this Paragraph will immediately be fully vested and no longer subject toforfeiture upon the soonest of the following: (i) the third anniversary of theGrant Date, (ii) the death or Disability of the Participant, or (iii) asprovided pursuant to Section 7.1 of the Plan, as amended by the Companyeffective June 30, 2005. 2. Transfer of Award. Except for transfers pursuant to a will or thelaws of descent and distribution, the Restricted Stock subject to this Agreementis not transferable and the Participant may not make any disposition of theaward or the shares of Common Stock described herein, or any interest herein,prior to the date(s) that such shares become vested in accordance with Paragraph1. As used herein, “disposition” means any sale, transfer, encumbrance, gift,donation, assignment, pledge, hypothecation, or other disposition, whethersimilar or dissimilar to those previously enumerated, whether voluntary orinvoluntary, and whether during the Participant’s lifetime or upon or after theParticipant’s death, including, but not limited to, any disposition by operationof law, by court order, by judicial process, or by foreclosure, levy, orattachment, except a transfer by will or by the laws of descent or distribution.Any attempted disposition in violation of this Paragraph is void. 3. Status of Participant. Except for the restrictions described inSection 5A of the Plan or provided for in this Agreement, the Participant shallbe deemed a stockholder of the Company with respect to the Common Stock coveredby this Agreement and shall be entitled to receive dividends and exercise votingrights with respect thereto. In the event the Company effects arecapitalization, stock split, stock dividend or other event described inSection 8 of the Plan, the shares of Common Stock received by the Participantwith respect to this Restricted Stock award (or any shares of stock issued insubstitution thereof) shall be subject to identical restrictions and shall besubject to the terms of this Agreement and the Plan. The Company is not requiredto issue sharesof Common Stock under this award until all applicable requirements of law havebeen complied with and such shares shall have been duly listed on any securitiesexchange or market system on which the Common Stock may then be listed ortraded. The Company may delay the delivery of Common Stock that is issuedpursuant hereto until the Restricted Stock covered hereby becomes vested ortransferable pursuant to the terms hereof. 4. No Effect on Capital Structure. This award of Restricted Stockshall not affect the right of the Company or any Subsidiary to reclassify,recapitalize or otherwise change its capital or debt structure or to merge,consolidate, convey any or all of its assets, dissolve, liquidate, windup, orotherwise reorganize. 5. Committee Authority. The full discretionary authority delegatedto the Committee under the terms of the Plan, including Section 3, includes theauthority to: (i) determine any question concerning the interpretation of thisAgreement, (ii) make any required adjustments to this Restricted Stock award,and (iii) determine if the conditions stated in the Plan and Agreement haveoccurred with respect hereto. Any question concerning the interpretation of thisAgreement, any adjustments required to be made under the Plan and anycontroversy that may arise under the Plan or this Agreement shall be determinedby the Committee in its sole discretion. Such decision by the Committee shall befinal and binding. 6. Plan Controls. The terms of this Agreement are governed by theterms of the Plan, as the Plan is amended from time to time, includingamendments to the Plan adopted on February 23, 2006 to be effective June 30,2005. A copy of the Plan, and all amendments thereto, has been delivered or madeavailable to the Participant and shall be deemed a part of this Agreement as iffully set forth herein. In the event of any conflict between the provisions ofthe Agreement and the provisions of the Plan, the terms of the Plan shallcontrol, except as expressly stated otherwise. For purposes of this Agreement,the defined terms in the Plan shall have the same meaning in this Agreement,except where the context otherwise requires. The terms “Article” or “Section”generally refer to provisions within the Plan. The term “Paragraph” generallyrefers to a provision of this Agreement. 7. Notice. Whenever any notice is required or permitted hereunder,such notice must be in writing and personally delivered or sent by mail or adelivery service that is approved by the Company. Any notice required orpermitted to be delivered hereunder shall be deemed to be delivered on the datewhich it is personally delivered, or, whether actually received or not, on thethird business day after it is deposited in the United States mail, certified orregistered, postage prepaid, addressed to the person who is to receive it at theaddress that such person has theretofore specified by written notice deliveredin accordance herewith. The Company or Participant may change, by written noticeto the other, the address identified in this Paragraph. The Company orParticipant may change, by written notice to the other, the address specifiedfor receiving notices. Notices delivered to the Company shall be addressed asfollows: LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. Attn: John Bumpus 103 Powell Court, Suite 200 Brentwood, TN 37027 2 Phone: (615) 372-8500 Fax: (615) 372-8581 Notices to the Participant shall be hand-delivered to theParticipant or mailed to the last address shown on the records of the Company. 8. Information Confidential. As partial consideration for the grantof this award, the Participant agrees that he or she will keep confidential allinformation and knowledge that the Participant has relating to the manner andamount of his or her participation in the Plan; provided, however, that suchinformation may be disclosed as required by law and may be given in confidenceto the Participant’s spouse, tax and financial advisors, or to a financialinstitution to the extent that such information is necessary to secure a loan. 9. Amendment. The Company, acting through the Committee or throughthe Board, may amend this Agreement at any time for any purpose determined bythe Company in its sole discretion that is consistent with the Plan. The Companymay not amend this Agreement, however, without the Participant’s expressagreement to any amendment that would adversely effect the material rights ofthe Participant. 10. Governing Law. Except as is otherwise provided in the Plan,where applicable, the provisions of this Agreement shall be governed by theinternal laws of the State of Tennessee, without regard to the principles ofconflicts of laws thereof. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Company has caused this Agreement to beexecuted and the Participant has set his hand hereto, to be effective as of_________________________. LIFEPOINT HOSPITALS, INC. By: __________________________ Title: __________________________ PARTICIPANT __________________________ [NAME] 3