Exhibit 10.2 Energy Venture, Inc. 3 Park Avenue New York, New York 10016 April 28, 2006Harold BarsonPresidentABC Funding, Inc.9160 South 300 WestSandy, Utah 84070Gentlemen: Reference is made to that certain Stock Purchase Agreement dated as ofApril 3, 2006 by and among Energy Venture, Inc. and the selling stockholdersnamed therein (the “Purchase Agreement”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the PurchaseAgreement, this confirms that Energy Venture, Inc. (“Purchaser”) hereby agreesto purchase from the Sellers, and Sellers hereby agree to sell to Purchaser,only an aggregate of 8,200,000 shares of the Common Stock of ABC Funding, Inc.held by such Sellers (the “Purchased Shares”) for and in consideration of anaggregate reduced purchase price of $433,037.00. With respect to the shares of the Company’s common stock other than thePurchased Shares that are included in the Purchase Agreement (the “OtherShares”), Sellers hereby excuse Purchaser from any obligation to acquire fromSellers the Other Shares and Purchaser hereby excuses Sellers from anyobligation to sell to Purchaser the Other Shares, in each case with theunderstanding that the Other Shares are to be acquired by third parties directlyfrom the appropriate selling stockholders. All terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaningsascribed to such terms in the Purchase Agreement. ENERGY VENTURE, INC. By: /s/ Alan Gaines ————————– Alan Gaines President/s/Harold Barson- ————————-Harold Barson