Exhibit 10.93June 21, 2006VIA OVERNIGHT COURIERMr. Larry Tiffany18605 Shadow Ridge TerraceOlney, Maryland, 20832Dear LT,I am pleased to offer you a temporary position, Senior Vice-President andInterim GM Genomics at Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC) for a period commencing on June21, 2006 and ending August 31st, 2006. This period may be extended by mutualagreement. In this position you will report to Mark Gessler, CEO.Your compensation will be $1153.85 per day payable semi-monthly and based ondays actually worked, less applicable withholdings. In this position, asbusiness needs dictate, occasional overtime, holiday and weekend work may berequired. Consistent with applicable law, this position is exempt from overtimepay requirements. Any days not worked will not be paid. Please see Attachment A:Summary of Offer Terms for additional information on compensation, benefits andother terms of employment.In and around August 31st, 2006, we will discuss any extension of employment. Ifthe position converts to regular full-time, then this position with GLGC is oneof an employee-at-will and is terminable by either party, with or without cause.In addition, your specific duties, title, reporting relationship and/or worklocation may be changed from time to time to meet the needs of GLGC.This offer is contingent upon the following:1. Execution of the Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement between GLGC and you designed to protect GLGC’s intellectual property assets. This document is enclosed.2. There being no contractual or other obligation owed by you to previous employers or other parties that would in any way limit your ability to perform your job at GLGC. If there are any agreements or other obligations that might limit your ability to perform, such matters should be disclosed and resolved prior to commencement of employment.3. Presentation of acceptable documents verifying your identity and employment eligibility in the United States. Consistent with Federal Law, if acceptable documentation is not provided within three business days of the date your employment begins you may not be able to continue working for GLGC.4. Approval of the terms of this offer by the Board of Directors of GLGC. 4If you accept our offer, please so indicate by signing and completing theinformation below./s/ Larry Tiffany 6/21/2006- ——————————— ——————————-Signature DateLarry Tiffany- ———————————Printed NameRedacted- ———————————Social Security NumberRedacted- ———————————Birth Date (MM/DD/YY)If you have any questions regarding your position, compensation, benefits or anyother matter, please contact me at 301.987.1870. Otherwise, return one signedcopy of each duplicate document in the enclosed envelope no later than June21st, 2006. You may fax the signed offer letter by the due date to DianneHolland’s attention at (301) 987-1863 and then mail the originals to her. Thesecond copy and remaining documents are for your files.We look forward to you joining our team.Sincerely,Albert J. RisdorferVice President, Human ResourcesEnclosures:Two copies of Offer LetterTwo copies of Attachment A: Summary of Offer TermsTwo copies of Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement 5 ATTACHMENT A ———— SUMMARY OF OFFER TERMS Larry Tiffany JUNE 21, 2006The current compensation, benefits, and other information regarding yourposition are summarized below. This information is only a summary and is basedon current benefit plan documents as well as GLGC policies and procedures, allof which are subject to change. For additional information please contact ourHuman Resources department. It is important to note that this summaryinformation and the terms listed do not in any way alter your employment-at-willstatus.1. COMPENSATION a. Base Salary. $1153.85 per day based on actual full days worked, which if annualized amounts to $300,000, paid on a semi-monthly basis, less applicable taxes. You will receive your first paycheck the pay period following your start date. b. Incentive Compensation Plan. Your bonus opportunity will be $20,000 equivalent to 40% of 2 months pay. The actual amount of any bonus you receive will vary from this opportunity based on your individual performance based on specific goals to be determined by Mark Gessler in discussion with the employee by June 30th. To receive a bonus, you must be a temporary employee of Gene Logic Inc. on August 31st, 2006.2. BASIC BENEFITS As a temporary employee, you are not eligible for Gene Logic benefits including PTO and holiday pay. You may however arrange for unpaid days off with the approval of your supervisor. The CEO has pre-approved unpaid PTO from Tuesday June 26th thru to Monday July 3rd.3. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS In this position, you will be reimbursed for basic business expenses in accordance with company policies. Specifically: o cell phone, high speed home Internet, and long distance phone calls consistent with the company’s “Telecommunications Connectivity” Program o approved business travel as per our Travel and Entertainment Policy and Expense Guideline Note: Any and all equipment provided for you by Gene Logic remains the property of GLGC and must be returned upon termination of your temporary employment./s/ Larry Tiffany 6/21/2006- ——————————— ——————————-Signature Date 6