EXHIBIT 10.1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF TERMINATION OF NAMING RIGHTS AGREEMENT Each of the undersigned, the NASHVILLE HOCKEY CLUB LIMITED PARTNERSHIP(the “Club”) and GAYLORD ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY (“Gaylord”), hereby specificallyacknowledge and agree that, in accordance with the terms of that certainConfidential Settlement Agreement and Full and Complete Release, effective as ofDecember 30, 2004, by and among Gaylord, CCK Holdings, LLC, and the Club (the”Settlement Agreement”), the Naming Rights Agreement, dated November 24, 1999,by and between Gaylord and the Club (the “Naming Rights Agreement”), is herebyterminated pursuant to Section 12.5(a) of the Naming Rights Agreement, as ofthis 22nd day of February, 2005 (the “Termination Date”). Each of the Club andGaylord specifically acknowledge and agree that, effective as of the TerminationDate, the Naming Rights Agreement shall be deemed of no further force or effect,and neither party shall have any right or power to enforce any right orobligation under the Naming Rights Agreement after the Termination Date. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, duly authorized representatives ofthe Club and Gaylord have executed this Acknowledgement of Termination of NamingRights Agreement as of the date set forth above. NASHVILLE HOCKEY CLUB LIMITED PARTNERSHIP By: Nashville Predators, LLC, its general partner By: /s/ Edward F. Lang ——————————- Title: Executive Vice President ——————————- Date: ——————————- GAYLORD ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY By: /s/ Carter R. Todd ——————————- Title: Senior Vice President ——————————- Date: ——————————-