EXHIBIT 10.29[BR Letterhead][Date][Name and Address]Dear [______]:The Company offers Stock Options to its key employees as an incentive to focuson shareholder interests and long-term performance. As a key employee, you canimpact the long-term performance of the Company and have been selected toparticipate in the Burlington Resources Inc. 2002 Stock Incentive Plan (“Plan”).On [______], you were awarded a grant of [______] Incentive Stock Options(“ISOs”) and [______] Non-Qualified Stock Options (“NQSOs”) for BurlingtonResources Common Stock, at an exercise price of [______] per share.[______] of the stock options will vest and become exercisable after you havecompleted each of [______] years respectively, of continuous employment with theCompany or a subsidiary after [______], except in certain circumstancesdescribed in the Plan. All of your ISOs will vest after the first year, subjectto the terms and conditions of the Plan. Once vested, your NQSOs and ISOs may beexercised, in whole or in part, through [______], and [______], respectively,unless sooner terminated as a result of Plan provisions.OTHER INFORMATIONIf your employment with the Company terminates, all unvested options expire,except in certain circumstances described in the Plan, and vested options remainoutstanding only to the extent and for the period provided in the Plan. Pleasebe aware that the exercise of options has certain tax consequences. Pleaseconsult your personal tax advisor before exercising your options. For moreinformation on these topics, please refer to the enclosed Summary PlanDescription.Exercise of your options must be confirmed in writing and delivered to theCorporate Secretary at the Corporate office in Houston, Texas, specifying theoption to be exercised, exercise price and number of shares. In order toexercise an option, you must submit full payment in cash, BR Common Stock ownedby you for at least six months and having a fair market value equal to theoption price, or a combination of cash and BR Common Stock, or participate in acashless exercise program through a broker approved in advance by the CorporateSecretary. You must also arrange for the payment to the Company of applicablewithholding taxes resulting from the exercise of the option once the Company hasnotified you of the amount due.The Options are subject to all of the terms and conditions of the Plan. For moreinformation regarding options, please refer to the Plan, the enclosed PlanSummary and Summary Plan Description.If you have any questions, please call [______]at [______].Sincerely,[________]