Exhibit 10.20 Summary of Non-Employee Director Compensation- ——————————————————————————Annual Retainer $60,000 Directors are encouraged to consider acquiring more than minimum 25% of fee in stock required under Non-Employee Director Stock Compensation Plan- ——————————————————————————Meeting Fee $1,500- ——————————————————————————Committee Meeting Fee $1,000- ——————————————————————————Chair Annual Retainer Fee $5,000- ——————————————————————————Options 1,000 shares annually- ——————————————————————————Fee Continuation Plan Frozen and discontinued. For directors in office on December 31, 2004: Upon retirement, will receive annual cash payment equal to annual retainer fee of $28,000 for each year of service at end of 2004, up to maximum of 10 years.- ——————————————————————————Stock Ownership Guidelines Directors are expected to own shares of ATI Common Stock having a market value of at least two times the annual retainer amount within five years, or within five years of first becoming a director, whichever occurs first, and at least three times the annual retainer amount within a reasonable time thereafter.- ——————————————————————————