Federal Service for Supervision in the Area of Communications License

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No. 36728


ClosedJoint Stock Company



672027 Chita, 47Smolenskaya Str.


Servicesof mobile radiotelephone communications in the public
communication network

The enclosed License includes License terms on 3pages.

This License is valid from


January 1, 2006




January 1, 2011















Service commencement date







(not later than)






January 1, 2006



Seal:        Federal Service forSupervision in the Area of Communications


Deputy Head of the
Federal Service for Supervision in the Area of Communications /signature/            S.A.Malyanov



Federal Service for Supervision inthe Area of Communications

For License No. 36728**

1.             Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (the “Licensee”)shall comply with the expiry term of this License.

2.             The Licensee shall commencerendering communication services hereunder not later than January 1, 2006.

3.             The Licensee shall render theservices of mobile radiotelephone communications in the public communicationnetwork (in the GSM-900/1800 standard) in accordance with this Licenseonly in the territory of the Chita region.

4.             The Licensee under this License shallprovide subscribers and/or users the following:*

a)             access to the Licensee’scommunication network;

b)             connections through the Licensee’smobile radiotelephone communication network for reception/transmission of voiceand non-voice information providing communication continuity regardless thesubscriber’s location, including in the course of subscriber’s relocation.

c)             connections with subscribers and/orusers of public fixed-line telephone network;

d)             ability to use GSM-900/1800mobile radiotelephone communication services outside the Licensed territory;

e)             access to telecommunicationservices offered by other operators whose networks interact with the Licensee’snetwork, except for the fixed-line operators, mobile radio and mobileradiotelephone communication operators;

f)              access to the information servicessystem;

g)             ability to call emergency servicesfree of charge and round-the-clock.

5.             The Licensee shall rendercommunication services in accordance with the rules of renderingcommunication services adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation.

6.             Inrendering the services, the Licensee shall comply with the regulations forinterconnection and interfacing telecommunication networks adopted by theGovernment of the Russian Federation when connecting Licensee’s mobileradiotelephone network to the public communication network, connecting Licensee’smobile radiotelephone network to other communication networks, accounting andtraffic transmission over in Licensee’s mobile radiotelephone network, accountingand traffic transmission from /to other operators networks.

7.             ThisLicense is issued upon consideration of the application submitted to extend theterm of License No. 10702 dated April 28, 1998 without a public bid(tender, competition). No license requirements regarding the compliance ofLicensee’s commitments undertaken during the bid (tender, competition) for therespective license have been established.

8.             TheLicensee shall render the services hereunder in compliance with the termsestablished for the allocation of radio frequency bands, assignment of radiofrequencies and radio frequency channels.

9.             TheLicensee’s communication control system is required to meet the standardsestablished by an authorized Federal executive body of respective competencefor communication network control systems.

Federal Service for Supervision inthe Area of Communications

10.           TheLicensee shall implement the requirements to communication networks andequipment necessary for operations and investigations established by theFederal executive body in the area of communications, as agreed with statebodies authorized to conduct operations and investigations, authorized Federalexecutive agency of respective competence for communication in coordinationwith state authorities in charge of surveillance operations, and shall ensureprotection of the confidential organizational and tactical techniques used forsuch operations.

*              Theservices rendered hereunder may be accompanied by the provision of otherservices closely technologically connected with the services of mobileradiotelephone communications in the general communication network and aimed toincrease their consumer value unless such services are subject to additionallicensing.

**           ThisLicense is issued to extend the term of License No. 10702 dated April 28,1998.


Deputy Head
Federal Service for Supervision in the Area of Communications /signature/            S.A.Malyanov