Hub Group, Inc. Description of Executive Officer Cash Compensation for 2004 and 2005


Hub Group, Inc.
Description ofExecutive Officer Cash Compensation
For 2004 and 2005

Annual Cash Compensation

Base Salary

        Set forthbelow are the base salaries of the Chief Executive Officer and each of the four mosthighly compensated executive officers in 2004 and their increased annual base salaryeffective January 1, 2005. The Company considers various factors in assigning executiveofficers to specific salary ranges, including job content, level of responsibility,accountability, and the competitive compensation market. On an annual basis, all executiveofficers’ salaries are reviewed and adjusted to reflect individual performance andposition within their respective ranges.

Bonus Plan

        Executiveofficers are eligible for annual performance-based awards under the Company’s bonusplan, as are all salaried employees. For 2004, goals were weighted upon achievement oftargeted levels of earnings per share and, for some executives, upon achievement of personal goals. The goals for2005 will also be weighted.

Restricted Stock

        The Company makes periodic grants of restricted stockto executive officers. Grants of restricted stock have provided provided forvesting in three years after grant.

David P. Yeager
Vice Chairman and Chief ExecutiveOfficer

2004   $504,000  
2005*   $504,000  


Mark A. Yeager
President and ChiefOperating Officer

2004   $326,000  
2005*   $335,780  


Thomas M. White
Sr. Vice President, Treasurerand Chief Financial Officer

2004   $326,000  
2005*   $335,780  



Donald Maltby
Executive Vice PresidentLogistics

2004   $250,000  
2005*   $257,500  


Thomas L. Hardin
President– Rail Affairs

2004   $207,000  
2005*   $207,000  

* Salary increases from 2004 levelsare effective January 1, 2005