Second Addendum to Employment Agreement

Exhibit 4.3

Second Addendum to Employment Agreement

Employer:, Inc.

Employee: William Ding

Reference is made to that certain EmploymentAgreement between Employer and Employee dated August 13, 1999 (the “Employment Agreement”) and the addendum to the Employment Agreement with an effective date of May 1, 2003. This Second Addendum is being entered into by Employerand Employee to confirm that Employee has agreed to serve as Employer’s Chief Executive Officer and that the remuneration set forth in paragraph 4(a) of the Employment Agreement, as amended by the above-referenced addendum, shall be RMB30,000per month, effective as of November 25, 2005. All other terms in the Employment Agreement shall remain unchanged.



/s/ William Ding

William Ding
Employer:, Inc.

/s/ Denny Lee

  Denny Lee
  Chief Financial Officer