SERVICE FEE – ———————— ——————————— MIS and Telecom Services $1,500 Per Week Accounting $2,600 Per Week Document Management $20.00 Per Hour of Employee Time

EXHIBIT 10.4 EXECUTION COPY TRANSITION SERVICES AGREEMENT THIS TRANSITION SERVICES AGREEMENT, is dated as of, and effective as of,February 22, 2005 (this “Agreement”), and is by and between SENTIGEN HOLDINGCORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (“Sentigen”), and CELL & MOLECULARTECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Delaware corporation (“CMT”, and together with Sentigen,collectively, the “Sellers”), and CHEMICON SPECIALTY MEDIA, INC., a Delawarecorporation (“CSM”), CHEMICON INTERNATIONAL, INC., a California corporation(“Chemicon”), and SEROLOGICALS CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation(“Serologicals”, and together with CSM and Chemicon, collectively, the “Buyers”)(collectively, the “Parties”). RECITALS WHEREAS, pursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement, dated the date hereof(the “Purchase Agreement”), by and among Sellers and Buyers, CSM has purchasedfrom CMT and CMT has sold to CSM, all of the assets comprising or used in theoperations of the Specialty Media Division (the “Division”) of CMT; and WHEREAS, in order to provide for an efficient and orderly transition ofthe ownership and management of the business of the Division, Sellers haveagreed to enter this Agreement to provide certain transition services after theClosing to Buyers on the terms and conditions set forth herein; NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreementsherein expressed and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt andsufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties hereto agree asfollows: ARTICLE I CONSTRUCTION Section 1.1. Definitions and Interpretation. Capitalized terms used butnot otherwise defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings ascribed to suchterms in the Purchase Agreement. All references to Articles and Sections shallbe deemed to be references to Articles and Sections of this Agreement unless thecontext shall otherwise require. The headings of the Articles and Sections areincluded for convenience of reference only and are not intended to be part of orto affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. Any reference in thisAgreement to a “day” or a number of “days” (without the explicit qualificationof “business”) shall be interpreted as a reference to a calendar day or numberof calendar days. The definitionsof terms defined herein shall apply equally to both singular and plural forms ofthe defined terms. ARTICLE II TRANSITION SERVICES Section 2.1 In General. During the period beginning on the Closing Dateand ending at the close of business on June 30, 2005, subject to such extensionsas may be mutually agreed to by the parties in writing and subject to the rightof the Buyers to terminate the obligation of the Sellers hereunder as providedbelow (the “Transition Period”), the Sellers agree to furnish, or to cause theirrespective affiliates to furnish, to the Buyers the services specified in thefollowing subsections of this Article II and such other services as the Partiesshall mutually agree are necessary to effect an orderly transition of theownership of the business of the Division from the Sellers to Buyers (referredto herein collectively as the “Transition Services”). During the TransitionPeriod, the Sellers agree to furnish, or to cause their respective affiliates tofurnish, the services of such persons whose services shall be reasonablynecessary to provide the Transition Services (the “Transition Employees”). TheTransition Employees shall be available to provide Transition Services forBuyers but shall not be required to devote their full time and attention to theTransition Services. The work schedule of the Transition Employees shall be asmutually agreed upon by the parties. The Buyers shall be permitted, upon theprovision of not less than 30 days’ notice to the Sellers, to instruct theSellers to cease providing some or all of the Transition Services. Section 2.2. Management Information and Telecommunications Services.During the Transition Period, the Sellers (i) shall permit the Division’sinformation technology equipment to remain connected to the Sellers’ internalcomputer network and shall provide network helpdesk and support sufficient toensure the operation of such equipment and such network on the same basis as theSellers’ equipment and network operate; (ii) shall provide the Division withaccess to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and MicrosoftPowerPoint to the extent permitted by the Sellers’ licenses with MicrosoftCorporation; (iii) shall provide the Division and the Buyers with access to theSellers’ MAS 200 accounting software to the extent permitted by the Sellers’licenses with Best Software, Inc.; (iv) shall permit the Division’stelecommunications equipment to remain connected to the Sellers’ telephoneswitch; and (v) shall provide local and long distance telephone service andinternet access to the Division to the extent permitted by the terms of theSellers’ existing agreements with its service providers. If the provision of anymanagement information or telecommunications service to be provided by theSellers would infringe or violate a license, royalty agreement, or otheragreement or arrangement to which either Seller is a party, then the Sellersshall provide Buyers with notice of said potential infringement or violation (a”MIS Violation Notice”). Within ten days following receipt of a MIS ViolationNotice, the Sellers shall cease providing the management information servicethat was subject to the MIS Violation Notice. 2 Section 2.3. Accounting. During the Transition Period, the Sellers shall,or shall cause their respective affiliates to, provide the following accountingservices to the Buyers with respect to the Division: (i) generating invoices tocustomers; (ii) mailing invoices; (iii) receiving cash payments and remittingsuch cash payments in accordance with Buyers’ instructions; (iv) overseeingaccounts payable administration; (v) issuing to vendors checks drawn off Buyers’accounts; (vi) recording the acquisition or disposition of fixed assets; and(vii) assisting with the transfer of all accounting data recorded by the Sellersto the Buyers’ financial system. With respect to the accounting TransitionServices described in clause (vii) of the preceding sentence, the Sellers shallprovide batch posting reports with respect to all accounting data recorded bythe Sellers in Microsoft Excel format. The accounting Transition Servicesprovided pursuant to this Section 2.3 will be supervised by the Sellers’ senioraccounting management. The accounting Transition Services shall not include thefollowing: (i) general ledger creation or maintenance; (ii) financial statementpreparation; (iii) credit analysis; or (iv) tax reporting, preparation,compliance or planning. Section 2.4. Document Management. During the Transition Period, theSellers agree to assist the Buyers to identify and to retrieve any of theDivision’s historical business records that have been co-mingled with theSellers’ historical business records. ARTICLE III PAYMENT FOR TRANSITION SERVICES Section 3.1. Pricing. The Buyers shall pay to Sellers for the TransitionServices a fee for the Transition Services in accordance with the followingschedule:

SERVICE FEE- ———————— ——————————— MIS and Telecom Services $1,500 per weekAccounting $2,600 per weekDocument Management $20.00 per hour of employee time

In addition to the fees set forth above, the Buyers shall reimburse the Sellersfor their out-of-pocket costs incurred in providing the Transition Services toBuyers. Such out-of-pocket costs shall be billed at the actual amount incurredwithout premium or mark-up. Section 3.2. Invoices. The Sellers shall prepare and submit to the Buyersmonthly invoices for the Transition Services during each month of the TransitionPeriod. Such invoices shall be submitted within 15 days following the end ofeach month during the Transition Period. Each such invoice shall set forth inreasonable detail a description of the Transition Services provided during themonth covered by the invoice and a description of the manner in which the amountinvoiced was calculated. Section 3.3. Payment of Invoices. The Buyers shall pay invoices submittedby the Sellers promptly following receipt thereof and in any event within 45days following receipt. 3Any undisputed amount not paid within 45 days shall bear interest at .25% permonth, or the maximum rate permitted by applicable law, whichever is less. Ifthe Buyers dispute the amount of any invoice, they shall pay the undisputedamount and shall provide a notice to the Sellers describing in reasonable detailthe basis for their dispute of the remainder. The Parties shall work together ingood faith to resolve any such dispute. If the Buyers so request, the Sellersshall permit the Buyers to examine, at their expense and during normal businesshours, the business records relevant to the computation of the disputed invoicedamount. If the Buyers and the Sellers are unable to resolve any such dispute,the dispute shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with Section 8.14 ofthe Purchase Agreement. ARTICLE IV OTHER AGREEMENTS Section 4.1. Cash Receipts. As promptly as practicable following theClosing Date, the Sellers shall notify the customers of the Division that theDivision has been sold to the Buyers, which notification shall includeinstructions for the remission of payments to the Buyers with respect to anyaccounts receivable of the Division purchased by the Buyers. From time to time,both during the Transition Period and thereafter, the Sellers may receivepayments from third parties that belong to the Buyers. The Sellers agree to usetheir best efforts to identify any such payments, to notify the Buyers ofreceipt of such payments and to remit such payments to the Buyers, in each case,as promptly as practicable. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forthin this Agreement, this Section 4.1 shall survive the expiration of theTransition Period indefinitely. Section 4.2. Mail, Faxes and Telephone Calls. During and after theTransition Period, the Sellers will forward all mail, faxes and telephone callsrelating to or involving the Division to the Buyers to such telephone andfacsimile number(s) and/or addresses as Buyers shall specify from time-to-time.Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, thisSection 4.2 shall survive the expiration of the Transition Period. ARTICLE V TERM AND PERFORMANCE Section 5.1. Term. Unless otherwise specified, the Sellers’ obligation toperform the Transition Services covered by this Agreement shall terminate at theclose of business on the last day of the Transition Period or upon the writtenagreement of the Parties. Section 5.2. Performance of Transition Services. The Sellers agree toperform the Transition Services in accordance with past practices. 4 ARTICLE VI MISCELLANEOUS Section 6.1. Indemnification; Limitation of Liability. Each Party (the”Indemnifying Party”) shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless each otherParty for any and all losses and damages arising from (i) any material breach ofor material default in performance by the Indemnifying Party of any covenant,agreement or obligation to be performed by such Indemnifying Party pursuant tothis Agreement; (ii) any act of fraud, embezzlement or criminal activity of theIndemnifying Party (or any of its officers, directors, employees or agents); or(iii) the willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Indemnifying Party inthe performance of its covenants, agreements or obligations under and pursuantto this Agreement; provided that in no event shall any Indemnifying Party beliable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damagespursuant to this Section 6.1. Section 6.2. Binding Effect; Assignment. This Agreement shall be bindingupon, and inure to the benefit of, the parties and their respective successors,legal representatives and permitted assigns. No assignment of this Agreement orof any rights or obligations hereunder may be made by either party without theprior written consent of the other party. Any attempted assignment without therequired consent shall be null and void. Section 6.3. Relationship of the Parties. None of the provisions of thisAgreement are intended to create nor shall they be deemed or construed by theparties to create any partnership or joint venture relationship or otherrelationship between the parties hereto, except that of independent entitiescontracting with each other solely for the purpose of effecting the provisionsof this Agreement. Section 6.4. Further Assurances. From and after the date hereof, eachparty hereto will execute all such instruments and take all such actions as anyother party may reasonably request in connection with the transactions andservices contemplated by this Agreement. In addition, the parties hereto shallcooperate with each other and shall cause their officers, employees, agents,auditors and representatives to cooperate with each other during the TransitionPeriod to facilitate the orderly transition of the business of the Division. Section 6.5. Notices. All notices, requests, demands and othercommunications required or permitted to be given or delivered hereunder shall begiven in accordance with the notice provisions in Section 8.1 of the PurchaseAgreement. Section 6.6. No Third Party Beneficiaries. The Parties hereto agree thatthis Agreement is for the sole benefit of the Parties hereto and is not intendedto confer any rights or benefits on any third party, including any employee ofeither Party hereto, and that there are no third party beneficiaries to thisAgreement or to any part of a specific provision of this Agreement. 5 Section 6.7. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed, construedand enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, withoutregard to choice of law principles thereof. Section 6.8. Amendment. This Agreement may be amended, supplemented ormodified only by a written agreement signed by each party hereto. Any of theterms or conditions of this Agreement may be waived at any time by the partyentitled to the benefit thereof but only by a written instrument signed by theparty waiving such terms or conditions. The waiver of any provision shall beeffective only in the specific instance and for the particular purpose for whichit was given. No failure to exercise, and no delay in exercising, any right orpower hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof. Section 6.9. Severability. Whenever possible, each provision of thisAgreement shall be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and validunder applicable law. But if any provision of this Agreement is held to beprohibited by or invalid under applicable law, such provision shall be deemedrestated to reflect the original intention of the parties as nearly as possiblein accordance with applicable law, and if capable of substantial performance,the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be enforced as if thisAgreement was entered into without the invalid provision. Section 6.10. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed incounterparts, each of which shall be an original, but all of which shallconstitute one and the same agreement. Section 6.11. Force Majeure. If either Party to this Agreement shall beprevented, hindered or delayed in the performance or observance of any of itsobligations hereunder by reason of any circumstances beyond its reasonablecontrol, and such delay could not have been prevented by reasonable precautionsand cannot reasonably be circumvented by the Party through the use of alternatesources, work-around plans, or other means (a “Force Majeure”), then such Partyshall be excused from any other further performance or observance of theobligations so affected for so long as such circumstances prevail and such Partycontinues to use its best efforts to recommence performance or observancewhenever and to whatever extent possible without delay. Any Party so delayed inits performance shall immediately notify the other and shall describe at areasonable level of detail the circumstances causing such delay. Notwithstandingthe foregoing, should a Party be unable to perform any of its obligationshereunder for a period of more than 30 consecutive days by reason of a ForceMajeure, the other Party, at its option, shall have the right to terminate thisAgreement in whole or solely with respect to the section hereof under which thenon-performing Party has been unable to perform its obligations, in which casethe provision so terminated shall have no further force or effect and thisAgreement shall remain in effect as to all other provisions. Section 6.12. Confidential Information. The Parties acknowledge that theprovision of the Transition Services will require that the Parties exchange”Confidential Information” within the meaning of the Joint ConfidentialityAgreement dated June 15, 2004, between Sentigen Holding Corporation andSerologicals Corporation. The Parties hereby agree to abide by the 6terms of such Joint Confidentiality Agreement with respect to any suchinformation exchanged by them during the term of this Agreement. (The remainder of this page has been left blank intentionally.) 7 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Agreement to beduly executed as of the date set forth above.SENTIGEN HOLDING CORPORATION/s/ Fredrick B. RolffTitle: Chief Financial OfficerCELL & MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC./s/ Fredrick B. RolffTitle: Chief Financial OfficerCHEMICON SPECIALTY MEDIA, INC./s/ Harold W. IngallsTitle: Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial OfficerCHEMICON INTERNATIONAL, INC./s/ Harold W. IngallsTitle: Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial OfficerSEROLOGICALS CORPORATION/s/ Harold W. IngallsTitle: Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer