Summary of Bonus Arrangements for Executive Officers


Exhibit 10.34


AptarGroup, Inc. (the “Company”) has three types of unwritten bonus arrangements for executiveofficers. Generally, they fall under one of the following categories:

1.   A discretionary bonus as determined by the Compensation Committee after considering theCompany’s overall performance, strategic actions implemented and individual leadershipachievements. Four executive officers in the following positions are eligible for adiscretionary bonus:
  •   President and Chief Executive Officer
  •   Vice Chairman
  •   Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary
  •   Vice President- Human Resources
2.   The second arrangement is a formula-based bonus that takes into consideration profit growthof the Company (with no maximum limit for this element of bonus), return on equity (subject toa maximum of 9% of salary), and achievement of personal objectives (subject to a maximum of10% of salary). The total maximum bonus under this plan in any year is limited to 50% ofsalary. The only executive officer eligible for this bonus is the Vice President Finance —Europe.
3.   The third arrangement is a formula-based bonus that includes elements for profit growth (withno maximum limit for this element of bonus), return on capital for the respective operatinggroup (subject to a maximum limit of 15% of salary) and an element for the growth in theearnings per share of the Company (with no maximum limit for this element of bonus). Allexecutive officers (8 people) not participating in the arrangements described in paragraphs 1and 2 above are eligible for this bonus. Over the last three years, the total bonus awardedto the executives in this category has ranged from a low of 11% of salary to a high of 79% ofsalary. This range, however, may not be indicative of future bonus levels.